About Scott Chapman

How I "stepped into" this

Most people are surprised to discover that I am a Florida native and have lived and worked here all my life. I have a pretty good outlook on life because I care deeply about people, animals and the environment.  I don’t profess to be a professor but one thing’s for sure, since I founded Scoop da Poo, LLC  in 2003, I have learned a lot about poop, the ecosystem and how to truly love and care for our four footed friends.

I have been a dog lover my entire life and have always enjoyed at least 1 - 4 family dogs at any given time.  I stumbled upon the idea for this business purely by accident. My wife was reading a message board for greyhound owners, GreyTalk.com, and read something about a pooper scooper.  It ignited a huge light bulb in my head and I got turned on immediately to the notion that someone could clean up the poop in the yard and make life better for everyone.  After a few months of research and planning, I launched my business. The good new is…it has been "picking up" ever since!  Two years after beginning the business, I left my full time job to devote all my attention to growing this business and my knowledge.

Before "stepping into" this, I never gave much thought about the mess my dogs made in the yard.  I just figured it went away after the lawn mower chopped it up, or it got washed away by the rain and sprinklers.  

At first, I knew I was providing a much needed service and this was my primary motivation. I love being able to provide a service that people need and love. And I love meeting new people, sharing in important conversation, playing with the dogs I clean up after and being my own boss.  The best part is, people absolutely love what I do too!

Helping the Environment

It wasn't long before I found out I was actually doing something really good for the environment. I learned that dog poop is toxic to the environment, to our ground, ground water, canals, and lakes.  I realized a big part of my job is to teach people the real truth about dog poop. It needs to be picked up and disposed of properly.  

Please read the article from USA Today:  Dog Poop Facts from USA Today

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Another important thing I soon discovered was that not all dog poop is created equal.  In other words, you know if your dog is eating a good balanced diet that works for him/her and... the "proof is in the pudding". Some dogs can eat anything and always produce healthy yard bombs. Yet others,some of my own included, often have a variety of issues including allergies, skin and coat problems, itchy paws, chonically goupy eyes, infection prone or stinky ears, low or excessive energy, bad breath, excessive gas, loose, soft or really smelly mushy poop... it's just a plain fact.. some dogs are missing important nutrition in their diets. I believe in my heart that these problems can be corrected with proper food and nutrition.  Let's face it, if you didn't feel right, you would be at the doctor looking for answers. I wonder why we let our fur kids live with health issues?

Finding the causes and solutions to the health problems of our animals has become a passion for me.  This has led to intensive research into dog food ingredients, brands of foods, high end vs. low end brands, and even a bit into the raw diet.  I have devoted a page to my discoveries here: Dog Food Facts

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