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HOA's and Communities

We offer complete dog waste scooping services for:

  • entire communities
  • condominium complexes
  • apartment complexes
  • common areas
  • dog parks
  • entire townships and cities  

Call us for a free estimate.  We will customize a cleaning schedule for each individual property based on problem areas, and areas requiring less attention.  We feel that this is the most effective method of handling a dog waste problem.

We also service and install pet waste stations for communities who would rather use this approach to their dog waste problem.

We are an approved rep for the Dogipot Products.

Perfect for the "Common Areas" of the property.

We will install and service these fine products:

DOGIPOT Polythene DogValet


The DOGIPOT Polythene DOGVALET container is a very economical, still durable, freestanding dog waste removal "All In One" Station, supported by a 4' galvanized square post. The poly DOGVALET is available in forest green and sand beige. It holds up to 400 DOGIPOT litter bags, dispensed out of two dispenser slots, has clear instructions and graphics posted in how to use the bags. It's container body is lined with a large heavy duty draw string trash liner bag. The lockable lid has round holes on both sides to drop and dispose bagged dog dirt in an odorless, clean fashion.  400 pick up bags and 50 heavy duty trash liner bags are included with this "Best Seller" item.
DogValet Dispenser Green   $275.00 plus tax and shipping
DogValet Dispenser Beige    $275.00 plus tax and shipping 
(shipping weight - 30 lbs.)

Weekly Service                   $15.00 for one  - $10.00 per unit for more than one station
DOGIPOT Pet Station Polythene
DOGIPOT has developed a set of exciting new products. The Poly Pet Station stands out from all competitive products as the most economical and practical tool on the market to motivate dog owners to pick up after their pets.
The complete Poly Pet station includes the new DOGIPOT Poly Bag Dispenser, poly trash receptacle, green fiberglass telescoping post, aluminum reflective pet sign and all necessary mounting materials.  


DogiPot PetStation              $265.00 plus tax and shipping
(shipping weight - 22 lbs.)

Weekly Service                   
$15.00 for one station  - $10.00 per unit for more than one station
All Other DOGIPOT Pet Stations

All Other DOGIPOT Pet Stations and Products


DOGIPOT Litter Bag™ is a concept and a product which offers a progressive alternative for dog owners and other people affected by the unsightliness and harmfulness associated with "dog dirt". Opaque brown, biodegradable "Pick Up" bags, 8" wide x 13" long, packed in a handy dispenser box for household use. (Also fits into all DOGIPOT Bag Dispenser units!)

Roll of 200 bags  $10.95  (Minimum order 2 rolls)

Quantity Pricing:

2-9 rolls $10.95/roll
10-19 rolls $8.10/roll
20-29 rolls $7.60/roll
30-60 rolls $7.20/roll

Volume Discount on 30 roll cases:

1-4 30-roll cases $216.00/case ($7.20/roll)
5-10 30-roll cases $189.00/case ($6.30/roll)
11-29 30-roll cases $177.00/case ($5.90/roll)
30+ 30-roll cases $168.00/case ($5.60/roll)

Plus tax and shipping.
For more information on these and other fine products, visit the ProPet DOGIPOT Pet Stations and Products 

Scoop da Poo, LLC
Dog Waste Removal Service


Scoop da Poo currently serves:

We service the Greater Boca Raton area, including Highland Beach,
Ocean Ridge, Gulfstream,
Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach,
Lantana, Green Acres, Atlantis, and all areas in between.

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