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I love the saying, “The proof is in the pudding," because I’m a keen observer of your furry friends’ poop, which sometimes looks like pudding. It turns out that some dogs can eat anything and always produce healthy yard bombs, yet others, some of my own included, have a variety of issues including allergies, skin and coat problems, itchy paws, chronically goupie eyes, infection prone or stinky ears, low or excessive energy, bad breath, flatulence, loose, soft or really smelly mushy poop... it's just a plain fact.  Some dogs are missing important nutrition in their diets. I believe in my heart that these problems can be corrected with proper food and nutrition. 

Understandably, some dogs may be on medications that cause a lot of these symptoms. That is not what this information is about.

Finding the causes and solutions to the health problems of our animals has become my passion. This has led to intensive research into dog food ingredients, brands of foods, high end vs. low end brands, and even a bit into the raw diet.  Here are my findings:

The Truth about Most Grocery Store Brands of Dog Food

Most grocery store and veterinary approved prescription diet dog food formulas contain "meat and bone meal" which has been known to contain dead dogs and cats that were euthanized in animal shelters. Their bodies are picked up and bought by the truck load to "rendering plants” that also pick up road kill, dead live stock etc. They are shredded, and boiled. They skim off the fat on the top of the "soup" -- collect it and sell it to pet food companies as "animal fat" while the rest of the animals' remains are crushed up, dried and sold to dog and cat food companies as meat and bone meal.

You can read more about it here:  Earth Island Journal - Book Excerpt: Food Pets Die For

If you are ready to face the cold hard facts-- look at the many sites that come from a simple google search: rendering dead pets into pet food

Junk Food for Pets

We are taught by T.V. commercials, media ads, and most pet care professionals that feeding our dogs’ one brand of food, and staying with that one brand is the proper way to feed our pets.  To quote Dr. Andrew Turkell, owner and partner of  Calusa Veterinary Center of Boca, “Dogs are descendents of wolves, which are 'opportunistic omnivores.'  In other words, they will eat whatever they can find."


If we feed our dogs one brand of food and never offer alternatives, then, if the dogs sneaks a scrap of meat from a dinner plate, or gets into the garbage, or counter surfs and lands him/herself a huge roast, you can be sure that the next few times the dog poops, it isn't going to resemble anything normal.  We know.  We have all seen that happen.


Just picture yourself eating one brand of breakfast cereal and drinking only water for 6 months; then sitting down to a nice rib eye steak. You can pretty much guess what is going to happen.

Many people, born before the 1950s, can still remember feeding their pets’ dinner scraps without concern that they were not getting the right balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates.  If we ate the food, we figured it was good enough for our dogs and cats.


The pet food industry has been in existence for more than 100 years, but only has gained real success since the 1950s when America's food giants - cereal manufacturers and meat packers - found a lucrative market for disposal of their byproducts.


Corporate giants soon gobbled up small pet food companies.  By the mid -1970’s, pet food began to imitate human food - hamburgers, meat balls in gravy and more recently, pasta.


These humanized foods were designed to appeal to pet owners, not the pet.


Beginning in the 1990s, some pet food manufacturers advertised "all natural" food to cater to health-conscious pet owners. Most contain the same dubious ingredients. Be aware that "All Natural" in pet food --- can mean just about anything.

What to Feed

There is not one single brand of food that has every nutrient that every dog needs.

Dr. Turkell advised me to feed my dogs a wide variety of high protein, low or no grain kibble with many different sources of protein to ensure my dogs gets the diet close to what nature intended. There are many holistic brands of food available today. Fins, Furs, and Feathers, in Boca Raton, on Federal Hwy. and NW 20th Street is the store I recommend. They carry a large variety of food and can order just about anything. Go in and talk to Debbie or call her at:  561-391-5858.

Granted, the high end foods are not in everyone's budget. At home, we have been feeding our dogs a staple of one brand of kibble available at most pet stores, and a rotation of 2-3 high end holistic kibbles, frozen store bought raw dog food and even some raw chicken, beef, and other raw treats. Within just a couple months, our dogs have not had any health problems or diet related issues and their vitality and energy has increased dramatically. As I said before…"The proof is in the pudding."  

Keep in mind, any change in diet should be done gradually by mixing in the new food with the existing food --- a little at a time.  Then begin lowering the amount of the existing food while raising the amount of the new food until the dog is completely transitioned to the new food.  

There is not one sure-fire diet that works with every dog.  It takes time and experimentation with many different foods until you find the perfect diet for your pet.

Ingredients to avoid

Now that we know what to feed our dogs, we also need to know what NOT to feed them.  There are so many ingredients to avoid when choosing a food that is right for your dog.  Rather than list them here, I will direct you to the best source of info on this subject I have found.  The Dog Food Project

Raw Food For Beginners

Raw feeding is not for everyone.  If you're thinking about getting into the raw feeding thing, there is a great site to help get you started.  Raw Food FAQ's

If you do not wish to handle raw food for your dog, there are now dry alternatives to raw food. Some even come in kibble form.  Others are dehydrated, and you just add water.  Be sure to ask the folks at Fin’s Furs, and Feathers for more information. You’ll see for yourself…  The proof is in the pudding.

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